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    Pet GPS Tracker: Wireless Anti-Loss Locator

    $9.98 $13.97
    Unit price  per 

    Pet GPS Tracker: Wireless Anti-Loss Locator

    $9.98 $13.97
    Unit price  per 

    Advanced Bluetooth Technology for Reliable Tracking

    - Bluetooth 5.2 Technology: Utilizes the latest Bluetooth 5.2 low-power technology for reliable tracking. Connects to smartphones and tablets, allowing you to track items like keys and handbags effortlessly.

    - Wide Range Coverage, Long-lasting Battery: Covers up to 25 meters. Powered by a replaceable button battery (CR2032) available at major supermarkets. Battery lasts over six months, providing extended tracking capabilities.

    - iPhone and Android Compatibility: Works with iPhone 11 and above, and Android phones running Android 8.0 and higher, with Bluetooth 5.0 and above. Enjoy reliable tracking features regardless of your device.

    Seamless Integration with Android Phones

    - Battery Optimization: Android models are optimized for extended battery life. Configure settings by adding the loss device app to the white list or protected program. Prevents false alarms and ensures uninterrupted tracking.

    - Universal Configuration Steps: Similar steps across different Android brands. Check power-saving mode settings, add the app to the white list or protected program. Ensure accurate tracking and peace of mind.

    - Reliable Protection Against False Alarms: Proper configuration prevents system shutdowns. App remains active for accurate notifications. Locate your items without interruptions or unnecessary alarms.



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